Industrial Recycling

As a metal-processing company, it’s our challenge to reduce the amount of production waste. And so to deploy residual waste flows as directly as possible as a secondary raw material for smelters. TM Recycling plays a leading role in this for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. We get involved right away to ensure your production process runs optimally. We provide you with complete peace of mind and an advantage over your competitors. Through in-house customized logistics solutions, transparent material pricing. We care for our business relations. 

Scrap management


Optimisation is created based on mutual advice and by realising points for improvement in practice. Key subjects include: material separation, logistical management, efficiency, legislation, safety, sustainable re-use and financial transparency.

Industrial Partnerships

Value Optimisation

Value optimisation doesn’t arise on the basis of the highest price per ton. Turin is a listening, advisory and proactive partner. We possess expertise on logistical solutions, materials and the most efficient application of these as a re-usable raw material. And naturally we are skilled in the cost aspects. That makes us a valuable partner for the long term.


Reusable raw material
Risk Analysis

Risk Management

Risk management is a strategic objective for TM Recycling. We love to put our outstanding expertise at your disposal, with the aim of eliminating financial risks. This might include drawing up flexible contracts that facilitate price-hedging using the London Metal Exchange (LME). These types of contract protect you against unfavorable price movements of the waste materials you buy and sell.


For both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, we possess expertise in existing alloys, physical forms and the most optimal processing methodologies. We analyze the most wide-ranging material types. Using spectral technology, we analyze up to 27 elements down ppm range. That’s crucial for re-use at smelters.

Spectral Analyser
Small Containers

Logistics customisation

Your production setting is unique and demands custom solutions. So that your production process continues to function uninterrupted. So you deploy our expertise of internal and external logistics. We ensure you have the resources you need at your disposal. From containers and boxes to machinery solutions. We realize exactly the right tailor-made solution fast. That’s because, together with our logistical partner, we will builds containers, boxes and the like. Exclusively for the use of the partners of TM Recycling.


TM Recycling is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 14064-1 certified