Green Recycling Arrows: Symbolizing Environmental Responsibility in Scrap Recycling

Dispose of metal correctly

Container Rental

If you want to dispose of your scrap metal, we will be happy to support you. We place the desired number of containers for scrap metal at the agreed location on time and also collect them again after filling. The collected materials are then checked to ensure that they are of the correct type. If this is the case, the items are shredded if necessary. In the recycling yard, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals are also separated by a magnetic separator.

Scrap container – Information for commercial customers

Does your shop need to be renovated? Do you need to renovate your company building? Now you, as a businessman, need a suitable scrap container. As your disposal partner, we will be happy to help you. Simply order the required number of containers for your construction site. We will deliver the scrap container on time and collect it again on the agreed date. Reliable, professional and uncomplicated, we support your construction project, renovation or other disposal.

Scrap container – Information for private customers

A roof renovation, changing the form of heating, clearing out a flat – for private customers there are various occasions when you need a scrap container. Make the disposal of scrap metal easier with our scrap containers. As your service provider, it is important for us that the parking space is easily accessible. Please ensure that there is sufficient space. If necessary, we can also help you with this, for example by obtaining parking permits for the scrap container on the road. Just let us know if you would like to make use of this service. We make the professional disposal of scrap easy for you.

How can you dispose of scrap metal cost-effectively?

Scrap Metal Containers: Convenient Storage and Transshipment Solutions

What can go in the container?

- Metal scrap
- Shelves, blinds, pans Rims, keys
- Barrels, cans (empty)
- Beams, pipes, rods, plates
- Steel, iron, aluminium, lead, copper, zinc, sheet metal, etc.


After signing the contract, we deliver the ordered container to the territory of your company, workshop or organisation.

Load Container

Fill the container with as much scrap metal as you need. The container rental price is not calculated according to the weight or filling height of the container. However, make sure that the container is filled to a maximum of 10 cm below the top edge. Otherwise there is a risk that objects will fall out during transport.

Industrial Recycling Service: Seamless Solutions for Optimal Production Processes

Collect Container

When the container is full, it is collected or, if necessary, replaced by an empty container. The final value of the scrap is based on quantity and quality as well as the scrap purchase price valid at the time of acceptance. The quality is assessed by a qualified buyer.

We provide containers for different quantities of scrap metal

1 cbm Container

1 m³ Container für Metallschrott

Height: 0,80m
Width: 0,80m
Lenght: 1,20m

15 cbm Container

15 m³ Container für Metallschrott

Height: 1,40m
Width: 2,30m
Lenght: 5,00m

8 cbm Container

8 m³ Container für Metallschrott

Height: 1,50m
Width: 1,90m
Lenght: 3,40m

30 cbm Container

30 m³ Container für Metallschrott

Height: 2,40m
Width: 2,40m
Lenght: 5,50m

Important to know!

Black metal scrap must not contain oil, fuel, concrete, cement impurities and other types of contaminants. The radioactive background should be within normal limits. Preliminary cleaning of scrap metal from impurities increases its price. The contamination of non-ferrous metal scrap should not exceed 5 %. It is allowed to accept non-ferrous metals with traces of soil, sand and other complex impurities.