Green Recycling Arrows: Symbolizing Environmental Responsibility in Scrap Recycling

We are a modern and certified car recycling company

We dry vehicles in accordance with the current end-of-life vehicle regulations and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly manner.

The End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance stipulates that only certified specialist companies may dispose of end-of-life vehicles and must issue the last vehicle owner with a recycling certificate for the recycling.

The last vehicle owner can use this certificate to prove to the registration office that the vehicle has been disposed of properly.

Illegal disposal of vehicles (e.g. dismantle the car in the garage) is bad for the environment and is punished with high fines.

Need to dispose of your favourite vehicle?

Symbol of Scrap Metal Disposal: Embracing Responsible Recycling Practices

Vehicle acceptance

At TM Recycling acceptance points, you can scrap a vehicle with a maximum total weight of 3.5 tonnes. Cars, special vehicles and trailers can be accepted.


If your vehicle is still roadworthy, you can drive it to one of our scrap yards during opening hours and hand it over there.


If your vehicle is no longer roadworthy then you can also make use of the service of a tow truck or order the transport of the vehicle by a container transporter.

Recycling Certificate

The write-off takes place only after checking the vehicle against the technical passport of this vehicle and the identification documents of its owner (passport, identity card). After that you will receive a certificate of disposal and depreciation of the car


Payment for the delivered vehicle is made by transfer to a bank account. In most cases, the money transfer for scrap metal takes place within 24 hours.

Vehicles are accepted at all our scrap yards.